Emerald - Stone of Loyalty

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Emerald - Emerald

Emerald Stone:

  • It is a stone of loyalty, sensitivity and love.
  • It relaxes the brain because it emits green light.
  • It eliminates the energy deficiency in the body.
  • It helps develop emotional bonds between couples.
  • It is a stone of fidelity in marriage.
  • It protects from evil, magic and betrayal.
  • It is a stone believed to comfort those experiencing emotional turmoil and protect travelers from dangers.
  • It nourishes the heart and provides peace, joy and calmness.
  • It is good for epilepsy.
  • It is good for dizziness and eyesight and improves speaking ability.
  • It is effective on circulation, angina, febrile diseases and pancreas.

Zodiac sign: Taurus, Gemini and Aries

Chakra: 4th Heart Chakra

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