Zebercet (Peridot/Olivine) - Stone of Communication

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Zebercet (Peridot/Olivine)

Zebercet Stone:

  • It is the emerald root.
  • It reflects negative energy back.
  • It calms unreasonable fears.
  • It ensures body-mind balance.
  • It reveals the person's cuteness.
  • It nourishes the heart and gives joy and peace.
  • It reduces anxiety, clears the mind and accelerates personal growth.
  • It disperses negative feelings such as hatred, jealousy, anger and remorse.
  • It is healing for the lungs and thymus.
  • It has positive effects on the heart and pancreas.
  • It improves communication with the environment.
  • It eliminates jealousy, egoism and emotional coldness.
  • It provides body-mind balance and reduces anxiety.
  • It helps to protect the person's irritability and protect against nervous disorders.
  • It is useful in acne, herpes and allergic skin diseases.

Zodiac sign: Gemini, Virgo and Libra

Chakra: 4th Heart Chakra

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