Amethyst Rock

Amethyst Rock

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Amethyst, a stone of positive energy, is a powerful healing stone. Amethyst stone has many benefits. The prominent ones are as follows:

  • Protects from radiation and negative energy
  • It is good for the eyes
  • Because it carries a negative electrical charge; It increases brain power by collecting excess electrical charge in the body.
  • It is good for heart diseases
  • It is an excellent blood purifier
  • It is good for allergies
  • It calms anger, grudge and fear, relieves stress and gives positive energy.
  • Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone.
  • It transforms the energies around it into love, protects against attacks,
  • It is a natural sedative
  • It is a meditation stone
  • Amethyst is a stone with powerful healing and purifying properties.
  • It was used in ancient times to prevent drunkenness.
  • It eliminates addictions
  • It is extremely beneficial for the mind. Increases awareness,
  • Strengthens focus, improves mental confusion
  • Helps to accept and assimilate new ideas
  • Amethyst also activates the decision-making mechanism, providing common sense and insight, as well as clarity in terms of implementing ideas.
  • It is effective against insomnia, prevents bad dreams such as nightmares and nightmares, and allows dreams to be remembered clearly.
  • Improves memory
  • Provides motivation
  • It eases sadness and grief, making it easier to accept losses.
  • It glorifies holy love and helps to understand it.
  • It opens intuition and strengthens the 6th sense. For this, it should be placed on the forehead (3rd eye) chakra.
  • Amethyst is also a stone that protects hormones. It ensures harmony of metabolism.
  • Provides purification and strengthens the immune system and organs,
  • Balances blood pressure, relieves headaches,
  • It is useful in respiratory disorders,
  • Regulates and strengthens the digestive system
  • It cleans the aura,

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