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Loving Yourself in Situations such as Sensitivity, Fragile and Anger is Helpful in Removing the Psychological Effects of Deslusion.

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  • It relieves depression.
  • It enables the person to accept himself as he is, to respect himself, and to love himself.
  • AGATE;
  • It balances emotions.
  • It is useful for emotional traumas.
  • It increases a person's self-confidence.

  • Self-confidence creates courage and balance.
  • It eliminates the psychological effects of fear, anxiety and delusion.
  • It relieves anger and gives calmness and tranquility to sensitive, fragile and overly sensitive people.
  • It strengthens imagination and abilities.
  • It provides benefits in Star Upgrade.
  • A clear mind is beneficial for emotions such as jealousy and anxiety disorders.
  • It is a very powerful stone against stress.
  • It is soothing against emotions such as restlessness, anger and anxiety.
  • It protects against negative energies.
  • It takes away the aggression.
  • It increases brain power.

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