Aggressiveness, Anger Management, Stress Relief, Positive Energy, Love, Affection, Tolerance Bracelet

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  • Amethyst;
  • It is believed that it protects the person from negative energy in daily life, especially spiritually, as it calms anger.
  • It is also believed that it is good for the eyes and cleans the blood.
  • It helps the person feel positive by collecting the negative energy accumulated in the body.
  • Pink Quartz;
  • It is a stone of affection and love.
  • In mythology, it is the stone that is believed to be brought down from the sky to the earth by Eros, the God of Love, so that people can learn about love.
  • It creates a strong bond of love between married couples and lovers.
  • It is known as a stone that opens luck for singles.
  • It balances emotions, thoughts and inner forces, thereby harmonizing opposing forces.
  • Stone of love, stone of love, stone of tolerance

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